OPALEAN, a unique solution
for real time pallet management

The entire logistics chain uses high-performance IT tools,
except for Euro pallets

From this observation, we created OPALEAN, the only solution that connects the European logistics actors to optimize, in real time, their handling media management.
Easy to use and directly accessible from the net, OPALEAN allows its users to obtain an almost immediate return on investment : saving time, saving money and reducing pallet losses.
Opalean is already used by many distributors, manufacturers, carriers and logisticians throughout France and Europe.


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We constantly innovate
to create the best experience
for our clients.

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We are working everyday
to adapt our solutions
to the rapid evolution
of the supply chain.

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Team spirit

We appreciate and value
our employees, our customers,
our partners
and the world we live in.

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Our strengths :
ability to innovate and
high level of reliability.

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Cluster of companies expert in digital solutions for supply chain
our partners :

Opalean is member of the Competitiveness Cluster


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