All sectors of activity use the wooden pallet : mechanics, food, construction, chemicals, pharmaceuticals… Some have even defined standards and pallets especially for their needs. In this context, it’s necessary to know more about the wooden pallet and the Euro pallet in particular, with the aim of making the best choice for its logistical organization.
🤔 So, how to choose pallets according to its activity?


First of all, there are two main groups among the many ranges of pallets :

  • The reusable pallets or « multiple-use »
  • The expendable pallets or «single unit load ».

The multiple-use Euro pallets designed to be reused are at the heart of the circular economy.
➡️ See our article on this topic “les avantages des Palettes EPAL multi-rotations”.

Moreover, in order to satisfy the supply chain demands they have meet high quality standards. 


The pallet Europe or Euro EPAL, in the past called euro pallets, is a wooden pallet with four entries.
It answers the regulations of UIC 435-2-0 (for manufacture) and 435-4-OR (for repair) notes, and also to the “technical Regulation” of EPAL. Moreover it also answers to the Assurance Qualité Ferroviaire AQF 335 norms.
Thanks to this quality charter the Europe pallet becomes a key in the supply chain for goods handling and transport. 


The EUR mark is the property of the operating company Austrian railway network ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahn). At the beginning this mark was the subject of an Austrian deposit (N°85513 of the 20/01/1977 and 11/05/1977) and of an international deposit (N°430-337 of the 11/05/1977) at the OMPI. Since ÖBB conceded with the SNCF the exclusive right of use of the EUR mark in France, at the end of a convention in September 12, 1995 and March 1, 1996.


EPAL Mark is the property of the association of the same name based in Hagen, Germany. It was the subject of a German deposit (N° 2054520 of the 17/10/1992 and 18/01/1994), of an international deposit (N° 617158 of the 16/03/1994) at the OMPI as well as a Community deposit (N° 000472415 of the 5/02/1997) at the OHMI. In the same way, a reconditioned EPAL pallet will have to be repaired with stamped nails EPAL and will be easily identifiable by staples, a plate or a nail posed by the repairer.

Agrafe de contrôle d'une palette EPAL

Dimension of 1200x800mm and a weight of approximately 30 kg, a EURO pallet EPAL support a dynamic head ranging between 1000 and 1400 kg.

Note that even wooden pallets can be made from different species from hardwood and softwood, the wood essence used for their manufacture is mainly the pine and the poplar.


For nearly thirty years, EPAL Europe pallets have been the key of the logistics infrastructure. So they carry the international flow of goods and guarantee the processes safety and fluidity. Furthermore, the food industry is the biggest consumer of this type of pallet.

The Europe pallet market is still growing.

The Euro pallet still remains a dynamic market. Then in 2018, 93.9 m EPAL load carriers were produced, 6.3% more than in 2017 (see EPAL source). As for the 2019 financial year, EPAL announced 123 million European pallets manufactured and repaired, an increase of 1% compared to the previous year.

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In Europe the sizes 600 x 400 mm, 600 x 800 mm, 1200 x 1000 mm and 1200 x 800 mm are the most frequently used. By contrast, a distinction must be made between standard pallets (800 X 1200 and 1000 X 1200) and “half pallets” (600 X 400  and 800 X 600).


The logistics world would come to a standstill without the EPAL Euro pallet. The most widely-used exchange pallet in the world. To date, around 450 – 500 million are currently in circulation.

Euro pallet length : 800 mm
Euro pallet width : 1200 mm
Euro pallet height : 144 mm
Euro pallet weight : approx. 25 kg
Euro pallet loading capacity :
Euro pallet maximum additional load: 4000 kg
Euro pallet safe working load : 1500 kg
Palette Europe_EPAL 1_photo


The design of the EPAL 2 pallet makes it ideal for the heaviest of industrial loads. The base frame allows it to be transported on chains or roller conveyors.

Euro pallet length : 1200 mm
Euro pallet width : 1000 mm
Euro pallet height : 162 mm
Euro pallet weight : approx. 35 kg
Euro pallet safe working load : 1250 kg
Euro pallet maximum additional load : 4250 kg when stacking
palette-EPAL 2-phot


EPAL 3 is the new Asian standard in the EPAL product range. It ensures the smooth national and international transport of goods.

Euro pallet length : 1000 mm
Euro pallet width : 1200 mm
Euro pallet height : 144 mm
Euro pallet weight : approx. 30 kg
Euro pallet safe working load: 1500 kg
Euro pallet maximum additional load: 4500 kg when stacking
palette-EPAL 3-photo


The EPAL 6 half half pallet is used as a display pallet and can be placed in the actual sales area.

Euro pallet length : 800 mm
Euro pallet width : 600 mm
Euro pallet height : 144 mm
Euro pallet weight : approx. 9,5 kg
Euro pallet safe working load: 500 kg
Euro pallet maximum additional load: 2,000 kg when stacking
palette Europe-EPAL 6-photo


It is the last born of EPAL pallets ! 
The new EPAL 7 half pallets are particularly popular in the food and drink industry, as well as with discount stores and the retail trade. They are perfectly suited to placing in the POS area. Moreover, it was created as a real alternative to the Düsseldorfer pallet which is used until now on the market.

Euro pallet length : 800 mm
Euro pallet width : 600 mm
Euro pallet height : 163 mm
Euro pallet weight : approx. 9,5 kg
Euro pallet safe working load: 500 kg (in shelving racks or transport with a forklift truck)
Euro pallet additional superimposed load: max. 1,500 kg when stacked on a firm and level base
demi palette-EPAL 7


Founded in 1991 as the umbrella association of licensed producers and repairers of EPAL load carriers, EPAL is globally responsible for their consistent quality. EPAL pallets are produced from sustainably grown, CO2-neutral wood, can be repaired and recycled, and reduce transport distances thanks to their high level of availability.

The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) ensures a smooth flow of goods in the logistics world with over 600 million EPAL Euro pallets in the world.

More informations on EPAL EURO Pallets

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EPAL official website

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