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Driving end-to-end the palett flow

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Driving end-to-end the palett flow


Logistic and transport platform


1 warehouse
20 carriers
23 trucks for its own fleet
30 productions sites
185 clients


9.000 pallet per day
3 000 upstream
6 000 downstream

Managing over 3 million packages per year: Messageries Laitières – the logistics and transport branch for the Savencia Group – entrusts Opalean since 2020 to meet the challenge.

Determined to digitalize its process and expand its TMS, the company chose Opalean in order to have an accurate control on its Euro-pallet exchanges

The collaborative platform allows indeed Messageries Laitières to oversee both its upstream flows – departing from thirty production sites via their logistic platforms – and its downstream flows to customers. On these two perimeters, the company can consign either its carriers or its own fleet of vehicles.

Main team’s goal: simplify the package management with its partners.

A winning bet! From now on, chartered agencies connected to Opalean obtain a daily detailed view on the volumes loaded from the factories and delivered to the warehouse. They get as well the exhaustive numbers on the quantities due from Savencia‘s consignees.

In addition, ML has adopted the stock management tool allowing the real time tracking of all the Euro-pallets in the totality of the warehouses. In other words, the logistic team is always aware of its pool’s availability, ensuring the week’s shipments.

A management based on reliable and precise indicators.

A large number of KPI’s are used on a daily basis, among them: restitution’s rate, coverage’s rate or debts per partner. The statistics tool offers an accurate control on the supports distinguishing upstream and downstream flows. In the end, the platform is able to produce a refined analysis.

Moreover, Opalean simplifies reminders to partners: a clear and reliable data extraction is associated – for connected carriers – to real time and exhaustive information. In the end, dealing with disputes happen to be more flexible and efficient.

To sum up their experience, Matthieu and Antoine said, “Opalean was able to keep up with both our needs and our process. The flexibility and the support offered by Opalean are pretty rare on the market.”

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