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Deployment of a collaborative reverse packaging
in real-time

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Specialized retail distribution


12 warehouses, 141 shops and 70 carriers


Upstream and downstream flows, 2.5 million shipments

Leroy Merlin – one of the European leaders in DIY retail – uses the web platform Opalean to manage its packaging flows with more reliability, on its entire distribution network (2.5 million loading operations managed by 12 warehouses, 141 stores and 70 carriers).

Access to information in real time replace a multitude of Excel files used by warehouses, transporters and shops to manage account of exchangeable pallets. The tool tracks Euro Pallet, but also the new reusable metal backsplash pallets, developed by Leroy Merlin in early 2019.

Collaborative and end-to-end shared information allows all stakeholders to be aligned (suppliers, carriers, logistics warehouses, stores) by making packaging flows more reliable and secure, with a return rate close to 99%. In this way Leroy Merlin strengthens the partnership with its carriers by eliminating the load of pallet returns. It also reduces its carbon footprint by decreasing purchases of new pallets, and the  volume of wood waste in stores.

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In France, the 141 Leroy Merlin shops are daily delivered from 3 national and 1 regional warehouses, which represents 3.5 million packaging movements per year. To prevent full lorries – for the return of pallets – crossing the territory,  triangular warehouses have been set up in the form of computerized entries with Opatrace (475,000 pallet between October 2019 and September 2020). “In the past, each carrier had to manage the packaging with the shop and return them to the initial warehouse”, explains Nicolas Davril, Transport Director at Leroy Merlin. Today “only the regional warehouse collects all the pallets from the shop”, thanks to a fleet of dedicated trucks. via a fleet of dedicated vehicles, most of which are equipped to run on gas. Then “we balance the accounts via triangular operations” entered in the web portal.

To consolidate the accounts of the packaging pools upstream and downstream, a flow controller can rely on Opalean control tower (Pallet Analytics).

Pallet Analytics Dashboard Leroy Merlin
Global visibility allows logistics teams to supervise the integrality of the “Reverse” packaging in an agile way, and to accelerate its deployment. It also enables them to identify high-risk zones and to implement corrective actions.
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