Economic pallet calculator 

With this quick calculator, Opalean allows you to get an estimate of the savings you could make by optimizing your reverse packaging.

These results are calculated with the guarantee that Opalean allows you to recover at least 10%* of additional pallet.
The calculation of carbon storage is based on studies conducted by the SYPAL, it is obtained from the tonnage of CO2 absorbed by the wood of pallets (source: La palette bois au cœur de l’économie circulaire).
The calculation of preserved hectares is obtained from the volume of m3 of wood in French forests, that is to say 166 m3/ha volume on average (source: FNB) divided by the volume of wood necessary to manufacture a new pallet.
* The proportion of non-recovered or lost pallets may be higher depending on your organization, the objective being to achieve a recovery rate close to 100%.

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